15 Best Employee Gift Cards

Learn the 15 best gift cards for employees in 2024, which are often used for remote employees, Christmas and holidays.

Did you know that 85% (or more) of consumers have purchased at least one gift card? This fact reveals how popular and popular gift cards are in modern society.

If you are not sure what gift to give to someone, gift cards are undoubtedly one of the best choices. They are as practical as cash, but more personalized.

According to the Business Gift Strategy Report, 32% of respondents feel uncertain about gift giving. InComm also pointed out in its 2020 report that more than 32% of people lack confidence when giving gifts.

Millennials account for 37% of gift card purchases. This shows that more and more people like to give and buy various types of gift cards, including gift cards for employees.

Especially in a corporate environment, uncertainty is everywhere. Therefore, employee gift cards have become one of the best gifting strategies.

Here are 15 of the best gift cards for employees in 2024 that will bring them joy and practicality whether they are remote employees, Christmas or the holidays.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon offers products in a wide range of categories.

It doesn’t matter whether employees are interested in home improvement, gardening or sports.

Why this employee gift card works: Employees love using Amazon gift cards to buy things specifically for their interests and hobbies.

2. Uber

Uber gift cards are the perfect transportation for your employees.

Uber gift cards are a great way to save money and avoid the hassle of driving.

How employee gift cards work: Employees can take Ubers to and from the office holiday party and enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. Nike

Nike is a world-renowned sports brand. If your employees have the right gear, they will love the “go-anywhere” Nike style.

How employee gift cards work: Comfort is now the new work uniform. The modern workplace is demanding.

Employees must be in good spirits to handle multiple tasks. Nike will help them stay healthy and ready for work.

4. Airbnb

Have your employees taken their vacation yet? If not, sending them an Airbnb gift card is a great way to show your appreciation.

How Employee Gift Cards Work: AirBnB gives your employees the option to stay in any country around the world for short or long term stays, especially when they are working remotely.

This gift card option is perfect for contractors and digitally mobile team members. It also makes a great holiday gift!

5. DoorDash

DoorDash gift cards are the perfect way to give your employees a gift card so they can enjoy delicious meals delivered to their doorstep.

Why this employee gift card works: Instead of having to worry about cooking, your coworkers or employees can just relax and wait for the food to arrive.

They can pick from any restaurant they like as long as they offer delivery. This is a great gift for coworkers!

6. Spotify

Now, every employee has the freedom to go at their own pace or work at their own pace. This gift card is perfect for corporate creatives.

Why this employee gift card works: This employee gift card is a great way to help your employees discover new music.

This gift card will spice things up a little bit. Life is all about simple pleasures.

7. Drizly

Drizly is the best online liquor store. Your employees deserve to relax when they are not working.

Ways to use employee gift cards: Your colleagues or employees may be professional entertainers or love elaborate beverages.

Whatever the case, Drizly will refresh them.

8. Starbucks

Enterprise mode and Starbucks are almost synonymous.

The international coffee shop is famous for providing morning energy to Americans on their way to work.

Why this employee gift card works: Your employees will love coffee-related gift cards. It allows them to enjoy their favorite caffeinated beverage.

They all love Starbucks. Some like big cups, while others prefer small cups.

9. Best Buy

Best Buy is your best choice for work-related electronic devices and hardware.

It is ideal for employees who love games.

Why this employee gift card works: Best Buy gift cards allow employees to choose their favorite brands, games, and devices.

They are fully plugged in and ready for use now and in the future.

10. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is the largest bookstore chain in the United States. This large bookstore is ideal for avid readers and bookworms. Ways to use employee gift cards: Barnes & Noble gift cards are the perfect gift for employees who want to further their education or who want to enjoy the wind of words.

Other employee gift card examples include;

11. Visa

12. MasterCard

13. American Express

14. Walmart


So, thatʼs all you need to know about the 15 best employee gift cards of 2024.

Your employees will surely be all smiles when they receive these gift cards as gifts.

If you are an employer and are thinking about how to reward your employees, then consider gift cards.

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