How to redeem gift card at our website?

Step 1

Visit ngiftcard website, The website has been designed to be easily navigated and mobile responsive. Once the page opens, click on the “Get Started”, “Sell Now” or the chat button in the lower right corner and it will redirect to a WhatsApp contact.

If you don’t have WhatsApp, please download WhatsApp and log in first.

Step 2

Let us know your card type and value, and we will determine the real-time exchange rate and quote you.

Step 3

If you are satisfied with the offer, please send a photo of the card with all clear card codes. If there is a request for a receipt, please send it together.

Step 4

We’ll load your gift card, which usually only takes a few minutes. The duration depends on the type of card and the method of redemption.

The reason for a card loading failure is generally because the card was read before it was sent to us, or the card code was invalid. If the card loading fails, we’ll let you know right away and suggest you contact your supplier.

Step 5

When the gift card is successfully loaded, we will pay you, please provide the correct bank card number and other payment information.

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